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About Food Product Identity Verification System, FSSAI.

Under the initiative of Ease of Doing Business, this comprehensive system is devised integrating Food Safety Standards and Regulations on Food Products Standards and Food Additives including Proprietary Foods, Nutraceuticals and all other special foods, and Non-specified Food and Food Ingredients wherein any product which is intended to get in market and sell may fall along with other relevant regulations for safety requirements. The objective of this system is to enable any food businesses to get an understanding of whether their product falls in Standard Products Category or is it their own Proprietary Product and at the same time be able to apply for approval/endorsement of the desired Food Product along with its constituent ingredients and food additives. The system gives necessary hints towards reaching the appropriate category and submitting the application for Standard Food Product/Proprietary/Nutraceuticals and special foods.

Once approved, an auto generated Product Identifier would be issued by the Authority which would enable the Food Business Operators in obtaining the license from appropriate licensing authority. This system would also guide the food businesses for taking approval of product(s) not covered in any of the categories specified above by submitting an online application along with requisite documents as specified in Food Safety and Standards (Approval of Non-specified Food and Food Ingredients) Regulations, 2017. After carrying out risk analysis, the Authority would be issuing a Product Identifier to such product to enable the FBO in obtaining license from appropriate licensing authority. Food businesses manufacturing products for export only and not for sale within India, will also get Product Identifier by submitting the requisite product details in the Food Product Identity Verification System after paying the requisite fee along with the details of the standards of the importing country,that will enable them in obtaining the license from appropriate licensing authority.

Disclaimer: The Product Identifier facilitates the FBO in obtaining license from appropriate licensing authority. In any case it shall not be considered as a License.